Market Insights & Data
Analytics’ Recruiting and
Staffing Specialists

RomAnalytics’ specializes in market insights, data analytics, data engineering, and positions that support insights and analytics; such as sales, marketing and client services.

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Placement Employee Recruiting

Because RomAnalytics focuses on top talent for market insights and analytics, we have a deep and vast pool of individual candidates readily available in this specialized area. In addition, due to our recruiting team’s direct experience in this functional area we are able to quickly hone in on our client’s hiring requirements that result in quicker and more precise job placements.

Contract / Temp Staffing Services

RomAnalytics has supplemented staffs of large and small start-up companies with contractors for short-term and long-term engagements. We have recruitment experience to support all phases of the product life cycle. Companies have used our contractors during critical product launch phases allowing for better headcount management.


Gig / Project-based Consultants

RomAnalytics has worked with companies to execute high-quality and cost-effective free-lance consulting assistance. RomAnalytics has designed screeners and questionnaires, moderated, and honed in on key insights of the data to provide exceptional client-ready reports.