We make your job search just plain easier!

  • We help you get noticed.
  • We coach to win.
  • We have access to positions that may not be advertised.

Our staff of recruiting specialists are experts at getting resumes in in front of the right people to help you get noticed, so you spend less time searching for jobs and submitting blind applications.

We use our relationships with companies to match positions our candidates are interested in pursuing, and we work one-on-one with you to create the best job search experience.

  • We return phone calls and follow-up on emails
  • We make support services available, such as resume development and interview preparation workshops


“My prior employer had tremendous financial difficulties and I had to look for a new job after several cuts of work time. RomAnalytics is a reliable source of information and is really well informed of the job market of my field. Sharyn is extremely patient, resourceful and forthright. She is particularly experienced in the recruiting area of my field and she knows whom to contact to assist people at all levels. Whether it was weekend or nighttime, she was always available for discussions. I especially appreciate the guidance I have received from RomAnalytics before interviews of all levels, phone or on-site. The knowledge and experience I have learned from RomAnalytics during the process will tremendously benefit my future career. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Sharyn and RomAnalytics. If you are looking for a strong professional recruitment service with which you can build up a long-term relationship, look no further.”

– Candidate Testimonial (Mid Management, Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling)

Katey and the RomAnalytics Team were very professional in their handling of my candidacy to a sales position at IQVIA (formerly Quintiles/IMS). She prepped me very well as to the steps that needed to be taken to move along in the recruitment process. In addition, I received great feedback from Katey with each interaction I received from the prospective employer. When the offer arrived, she assisted me in better understanding the offer and total package. A couple months after starting my new position at IQVIA, she contacted me to better understand how I was doing in my new role. I believe that RomAnalytics really cares about its candidates and matches them very well with the available positions.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Sales, Consultancy

“I worked with Katey and the team at RomAnalytics in late 2016, and it was such a tremendously positive experience. They helped me land a new job at a company that turned out to be such a good fit; I’m now working with an incredible team of people at my new company. Throughout the recruiting process, the RomAnalytics team was hugely invested and made me feel respected and valued throughout the process. For instance, they are very timely, they follow-up after calls, they check-in, etc. They also went above and beyond by ensuring that I was the right fit for the position vs just blindly trying to get me to the job offer. This gave me the sense that RomAnalytics holds a lot of integrity and that the company needing new hires can trust them. One thing that I also appreciated from Katey and team is that they followed up after I started my new position to make sure everything was going well and that it was truly the right fit. I highly recommend Katey and team to any company looking for new hires and to anyone looking for a new opportunity!”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Manager

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kathy last year when she contacted me about a role.
We had an excellent initial conversation and she always promptly followed-up our discussions with emails or phone communications during the entire process. She made me aware of a job that was relevant to my skill-set that I would have not likely been privy to otherwise. She effectively handled all necessary paperwork throughout the entire process. Kathy has a solid network in the Pharma industry that made me aware of my current job of which other recruiters did not have knowledge.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Client Service Manager

From the very beginning, Kathy has been an absolute pleasure to partner with. Given her diverse network, she has provided opportunities that both matched my background and also allowed me to expand my experience, particularly in the payer market. She’s highly responsive and very detail-oriented. I would strongly recommend Kathy for her expertise in placing individuals for short- and long-term opportunities where they can be extremely successful.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Director

Due to her hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry she has an in-depth understanding of current and emerging job opportunities. She has established a wide network in the pharma industry that makes her privy to opportunities that other recruiters may not yet be aware of. Besides her obvious placement skills, Kathy is a pleasure to work with. She is an ideal partner throughout the entire placement process, communicating frequently and offering her informed advice whenever necessary.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Director