Our experience and relationships help us hone our clients’ hiring requirements to deliver quicker, more precise and satisfying job placements.

If you’ve been frustrated with the quality of candidates you have received for your open jobs, it’s time to call RomAnalytics, a leader in market insights and analytics talent recruitment!

From Contract Staff Augmentation to Permanent Staff Recruitment, you can trust us to find the best and brightest in the booming insights and analytics space. We consistently outperform generalized staffing and recruiting firms – in both time and accuracy when filling the bill for our clients.

RomAnalytics’ services are structured to scale with your business. Whether responding to seasonal variations, covering employees on leave or preparing to fill permanent positions, we can enhance your workforce as needed with permanent, contract and freelance professionals.

Let us put our best foot forward as your brand ambassadors to do the leg work for you. From job order to placement, RomAnalytics manages a full desk recruiting model to meet your requirements, and our candidates go through a rigorous process to meet the highest standards, including.

  • Application completion
  • In-depth interviews
  • Reference checks (upon request)
  • Background checks (upon request)
  • Drug testing (upon request)
  • Skill testing (upon request)

RomAnalytics also provides all on-boarding paperwork, payroll administration and required insurances.


I’ve worked with Kathy in various capacities over the last 10 years. She differentiates herself and her team by consistently delivering on commitments and solving challenging problems in unique and innovative ways. When frustrated with the quality of candidates I received for a recent job posting, I knew RomAnalytics could help me find the person we needed. From her first-hand experience in life science companies, Kathy has the instinct and experience to know how to match talent to the business needs and culture of my company. The RomAnalytics’ team are very thorough and presented a fair assessment of the pros and cons of candidates against the hiring profile. Kathy and her team will continue to be my go to for hiring assistance. They are results-driven, adaptable and reliable.”

– Client Testimonial: Fortune 100 Global Life Sciences Company

“RomAnalytics has been a key business partner in identifying talent for critical staff augmentation roles, both short- and long-term assignments. Given the need to flex to meet fluctuating business demands, we frequently have requirements for short-term or part-time contract staff that can bring both expertise and skill to a critical business need such as a product launch or to cover a gap in internal staffing. Given their market knowledge and network, RomAnalytics has consistently delivered strong candidates matched to specifications, exceeding the quality and caliber offered by many other staffing organizations.”

– Client Testimonial: Fortune 100 Global Life Sciences Company

I have worked with various internal and external recruiters over many years in the BioPharma industry but none have come close to the intuitive nature Kathy and team bring to satisfying our recruitment needs. RomAnalytics has saved us countless hours on various back and forths since they typically understand our specific needs on the first go-round. Some of our top talent over the years have originated from Kathy and team, and were in positions that are nuanced and not necessarily easy to fill. That said, they understood our business needs and instinctually found the ideal candidates for us in the most painless and turnkey process. I’d highly recommend them.”

– Client Testimonial: Leading Global Healthcare Information Services

“Kathy was originally a client of mine and actually provided the impetus for us to form a specialized Oncology Research Group, which is one of our most successful teams today. Since she understands the unique needs of pharma manufacturers, she is well-positioned to identify and place market research candidates who will fulfill those needs, both in client companies and market research agencies. For us, she understands the culture of our company from working with us as a partner. She has placed several excellent candidates with us who have helped develop and grow our business through the excellent work they perform. Kathy is also receptive to referrals of candidates who may be former clients looking for consulting or permanent engagements. It is always a pleasure to work with Kathy, as she can immediately discern our needs and fill them with employees who exactly fit our company culture, and contribute to our business growth.”

– Client Testimonial: Global Healthcare Market Research Agency

From the very beginning, Kathy has been an absolute pleasure to partner with. Given her diverse network, she has provided opportunities that both matched my background and also allowed me to expand my experience, particularly in the payer market. She’s highly responsive and very detail-oriented. I would strongly recommend Kathy for her expertise in placing individuals for short- and long-term opportunities where they can be extremely successful.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Director

Due to her hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry she has an in-depth understanding of current and emerging job opportunities. She has established a wide network in the pharma industry that makes her privy to opportunities that other recruiters may not yet be aware of. Besides her obvious placement skills, Kathy is a pleasure to work with. She is an ideal partner throughout the entire placement process, communicating frequently and offering her informed advice whenever necessary.”

– Testimonial: Candidate, Market Research Director

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Application Completion Process

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Interviewing With Staff Coordinator

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Background Checks Upon Request