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2020 and Beyond for Market Research

  According to a poll from YouGov on December 2— 64% of adults surveyed said the next decade began on January 1, 2020 17% agreed with most experts who believe that January 1, 2021, will start the next decade 19% are unsure when the next decade begins Whether you side with Team 0, Team 1, or fall [...]

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Big Data and Drug Discovery 

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore, American Management Consultant, and Author The first arenas to feel a transforming impact from the world of big data were marketing, sales, and service. The reach of data analytics then extended to industries [...]

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The WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of Data Blending

Let’s begin with the WHAT. In the simplest of terms, data blending takes data from multiple data sources and combines it into one useful, functioning dataset. Although not a new concept, the process is gaining momentum among analysts and analytic companies, as a straightforward method for achieving maximum value from multiple data sources. This type [...]

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Perfectionism: Friend or Foe?

Perfectionism is on the rise, according to multiple studies conducted over the last twenty-plus years. The “complex beast” as some have dubbed this particularism, has increased substantially among men and women who are afflicted equally. Wait. Is afflicted the correct term? Is perfectionism a negative trait? Psychological researchers define perfectionism as striving for flawlessness, holding excessively high [...]

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Winning the War on Coding Mistakes 

The good news: The advances in computer science technology have pioneered breakthroughs and processes and discoveries unimaginable only a decade ago. The bad news: Despite these incredible leaps forward, no one has discovered a formula to “error-proof” the coding that makes all these software-driven processes functional. “Software powers social networks, controls vast supply chains, gets [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Edge Analytics

As a trend to watch in 2019, Pam Baker notes, “You can expect edge computing to rise in adoption rates given the nature and growth of the Internet of Things and the mind-boggling demands for increased speeds in analytics. Data and analytics usage will thus lean more toward a distributed model rather than a centralized one.” [...]

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The Scoop on Edge Analytics

Edge analytics—the approach to data collection and analysis whereby automated analytical computations are performed at a sensor, network switch, peripheral node, or another connected device, rather than later, after sending the data to a centralized data store. The analysis takes place in near real-time at a non-central point, in a “decentralized” environment. “One way to [...]

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